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Chinese medicine has been for thousands of years of history, ancient medical theory with the treatment of diseases of Heaven, recorded in the medical literature a large number of practical clinical experience and drug formulations, to be unscientific to identify the West today, there are some people failed to recognize its unique insights and essence of medicine, respected Chinese medicine Western medicine side cover.
There is growing recognition in recent years, the West can not cure the disease have been treated in Chinese medicine, both the length can not be generalized. Diseases such as acute and chronic hepatitis, western medicine is bad, the wrong choice will be to delay treatment, generally considered good effect of acute medicine, chronic efficacy of Chinese medicine is better, the two should complement each other, with cross-references.
Therefore, to inherit and develop Chinese medicine industry, traditional Chinese medicine for the majority of scholars and colleagues who love to make a few suggestions and arguments: medicine covers a wide number of academic, geographical incidence of different scholars in different classes, different years of birth, should not be used a standard confused person. Every good doctor should have a space for the community to both ability and integrity, whatever. While acknowledging a number of countries in recent years, Chinese medicine, but the expedition high threshold, the official plug more self-learners wrong way, resulting in the unwillingness to comply with laws and regulations, can not be a legitimate practice. Proved in recent years, some of the regular hospital can not cure the incurable diseases in a number of private medical treatment. Some experts in the line of the big selling in the world, they only a few survive it?
As handed down for thousands of years in Chinese medicine, past, present and future, we should inherit and develop traditional Chinese medicine and health services as an important task.
Moreover, the original TCM, "Jane, then, inspection, clean" characteristics, can effectively resolve the "expensive" problem. Modern technology because of the limitations of their own stage of development of human life can not be a good answer, the phenomenon of the disease and its relationship with society and the environment, while Chinese medicine and Western medicine as the use of a different epistemology and methodology to understand the phenomenon of life and disease, from another point of view to be added and improved.
I believe that in the discussion of issues that people tend to use traditional Chinese medicine the standards of Western medicine, Chinese medicine behind and then come to the conclusion, which is very unscientific. As many experts said, from the Shen Nong, the Yellow Emperor, Qi Bo, Thunder to Zhongjing, Sun Ssu, Chinese had formed a complete theoretical system, as medical science forever shine with paranoid modern medicine, modern scientific speculation Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine practitioners to explain their The results can only be Mangrenmoxiang irrelevant
. Leibniz would be more convincing: "In our observation in the Chinese high a chip, and our strength is theoretical thinking, the Chinese and the Europeans should be the exchange of gifts to complement each other, with a lamp lit another lamp Light. "
Is a good thing, there should be generous even behind the confidence and courage. Therefore, to increase the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine development, a large number of personnel training, so that the medicine really play to their efficacy. Meanwhile, the Chinese community associations should be publicized so that people learn more about Chinese medicine, let medicine be more reliable, healthy life for the people to defend.
Inheritance, innovation, modernization and internationalization is currently in medical innovation and development of basic tasks, in which every aspect of doing it is a large project. And every one should do a good job, thinking that understanding is the key.
Chinese medicine and Western medicine are life-saving medicine, in theory, are different, but the purpose of treatment is the same, which is bound for the Chinese and Western medicine provides great communication and compatibility of space, the two should learn from each other, promote each other.
In Chinese medicine, some people often have a good old mentality that the more ancient the more things right thing, descendants of the ancestors of the argument can not be detached. Many people think that "via", "Treatise on" classics such as Chinese medicine has been perfect, perfect, all Chinese writing papers, doing lectures frequently cited classic in Chinese provisions.
I think this is a medical dogmatism. The classic as a model, unwilling or afraid to go beyond the ancients, for scientists in terms of harm is considerable, has seriously hampered the formation of innovative thinking of Chinese medicine. Medical workers, first of all a scientist, you must understand There is no hard and fast, perfect things. Everything continues to go through spiral development process. Chinese medicine as well. That the Chinese medicine is perfect, omnipotent, in essence, metaphysical thinking, with considerable harm, just as dogmatic as the people’s way of thinking is confined and can not move forward. From the point of view the situation, the theory of traditional Chinese medicine has a relatively broad, covering all current principles and methods of treatment of disease, but also be seen on the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of many diseases is not exact.
Meanwhile, based on traditional Chinese medicine as a ancient theories on literature and learn a discipline, relying on ancient thought and culture exist in a holistic, dynamic and dialectical way of thinking to understand life and disease complex phenomenon, but the traditional expression of the concept of scientific content of the theory of Chinese medicine is difficult to be widely understood and accepted in modern society, and the current trend, among the people want to re-establish the traditional culture of the modern mode of thinking is very difficult, is not in line with historical and laws of social development. Treatment of Chinese medicine, we must first be sure that the right side, but at the same time see its form, content, ideas, and there’s discord. Modern Chinese workers should not be too conservative, traditional Chinese medicine to critically inherit, essence, abandoned its dross. To establish a sense of innovation and innovative, dare to break the old outdated theories and methods.
Chinese medicine is today in solving important see your doctor for ways and means to solve the real Malaysia twenty-seven million people’s health protection, the first is to provide people with convenient basic medical services.
I mentioned in the previous paragraph, in medicine this innate simple, convenient, efficient, inexpensive natural strengths is to adapt to China’s Ministry of Health’s "Health for health care" target. Therefore, from a historical point of view, the current need to do is to fully understand the value and role of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine correctly guide values.
Founder had felt this country does not recognize Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine organizations, resulting complexity of her own company, for promoting academic, medical, education and training, lack of overall unity of spirit. I searched all over Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and China, access to many names old Chinese guide, so the Chinese Medical Association of Malaysia came into being, its purpose clear, no doubt; its founding goals when you see the Message from the author, we want to target the same purpose, common to traditional Chinese medicine to new heights, while The Chung Hua TCM Study and Research Society of Malaysia practitioners develop a hotbed of traditional Chinese medicine research; which, from Malaysia to the international traditional medicine.
We explain to the world, "Malaysia can Malaysia Boleh" – Prof. Dr. C.C.Wong
Founding aims
The Chung Hua TCM Study and Research Society of Malaysia(CHTCMSM) will be the size of Malaysia’s most comprehensive academic organization in Chinese medicine it will be the creation of a new development of Chinese medicine in Malaysia milestone.
The Chung Hua TCM Study and Research Society of Malaysia(CHTCMSM) is a national-wide, academic, nonprofit groups, folk medicine and government with scientific and technical workers in the bond and it is the development of Malaysia in the medical technology industry and an important social force and it’s set up and also vote Chinese Medicine of China’s symbol of unity and harmony.
The Chung Hua TCM Study and Research Society of Malaysia’s task will be carried out around the following twelve Chinese medicine important business activities:
(1) various forms of Chinese medicine academic activities.
(2) the organizational priorities of academic research projects and scientific surveys.
(3), edited and published in medical journals, books, materials and audio-visual products.
(4) to carry out continuing education in medicine and improve the member’s academic and medical standards.
(5) to the Government and relevant departments of Chinese medicine practitioners to reflect comments, suggestions and requests.
(6) experts to assist the Government policies and regulations on Chinese medicine and development strategy to demonstrate.
(7) evaluation and reward outstanding achievements in medical science and technology and academic papers.
(8) promote and reward the noble and benevolent medical ethics in Chinese medicine professionals.
(9) the establishment of Hospital and School, both clinical teaching and training of outstanding medical professionals.
(10) recognition and reward in science and technology activities in medicine dedicated enthusiastic members.
(11) regularly organizes international conferences, conduct and international academic exchanges and cooperation.
(12) to strengthen regional and international academic community and the academic contacts.