About Cancer

Cancer is a disease of human cells. Our body is composed of numerous cells. Body will self-propagating new cells, so that we grew up, replace old cells, or repair damaged cells due to injury. This mechanism is composed of some of the genes responsible for controlling. But if those genetic damage control mechanism, the cancer will appear. The damage to the opportunity in our lifetimes, there are a small part of the inherited from their parents to have the damaged gene.
Normal human cells, no matter what age, are in the metabolic changes. Cell growth rate and body are appropriate, there are rules, and controlled. In unusual circumstances, some cells with the physiological needs and does not control, abnormal grow, so they form a "tumor."
In short, cells divide and multiply very orderly. But once out of control, they will keep breeding, accumulate in the body block, a "tumor." Benign tumors can be divided into (benign) and malignant (malignant) two types of malignant tumors commonly known as cancer. Benign cells stop their position, will not spread to other parts of the body.
Malignant tumors contain cancer cells. It was originally formed, will keep the original parts, the so called "carcinoma in situ." However, if the cancer cells without treatment, it will destroy the surrounding tissue and spread to other organs to become invasive cancer. From the original position when the cancer spread to other parts of the body, this is called secondary cancer (secondary cancer) or metastatic cancer (metastasis).
And non-cancer patients do not rule. Modern medicine flourishing in all cancer patients, around half of the possible cure. For example, skin cancer early, the cure rate of up to one hundred per cent; early stage cervical cancer, up to 90 per cent; early nasopharyngeal carcinoma, up to 80 per cent.
This will promote the Chinese and western medicine, Chinese medicine and Western medicine is a common treatment, especially in patients with advanced, this is the best treatment of cancer. Long-term practice of Chinese medicine that can significantly improve the patient’s immune system, reduce the toxic side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, to reduce the proportion of cancer recurrence and metastasis, long-term results were better.
World Cancer Declaration
Cancer has become a major threat to global human health diseases. According to the World Health Organization, 2008, the world suffering from cancer and 7.6 million deaths expected by 2030, more than 11 million deaths caused by cancer. To effectively control cancer incidence, mortality, and ultimately destroy the target cancer, International Union Against Cancer appeal to governments, global professional bodies, social organizations and international governmental organizations together to respond positively to the General Assembly in 2008 adopted by the World Cancer "World Cancer Declaration," calling the world community to take immediate action.
"World Cancer Declaration" is the highest cause of global cancer control guidelines, is the world’s people worked for the ultimate goal, the Malaysian Anti-Cancer Association shoulder region in the promotion of Malaysia’s tough anti-cancer cancer control mission.
Malaysian Anti-Cancer Association will work closely with the International Union Against Cancer, to further increase the region in Malaysia, "the World Cancer Declaration" activities, and enable community action and actively participate in the global anti-cancer cause, and strive to achieve the international anti-early Cancer Alliance of cancer prevention and treatment goals.
Cancer is how to produce it?
Although the ancient scientists made a lot of research on cancer, but cancer cells have still not fully understood. However, the following are a few factors that may cause cancer:
(A) Chemical substances: for example, tar cigarettes may cause lung cancer, certain dyes may cause bladder cancer, nitrosamines may cause liver cancer. Potentially carcinogenic chemicals are many, but not eating these chemicals to cancer will certainly be. Usually go through long and extensive exposure to carcinogens will produce cancer. Now, most chemicals are tested, that is not carcinogenic, it can be widely used. So, in general, daily use of chemical raw materials, are very safe.
(B) radiation: such as X-ray, nuclear explosions and so on. Radiation is to achieve considerable weight, will make changes to the cells of certain organs. But with the equipment and protective  radiation technology advances, the current X-ray diagnosis is not cause cancer.
(C) Other: ultraviolet sunlight and high temperatures and long-term exposure to the substance, and some may be skin cancer. Long-term wound ulcer (eg gastric ulcer, skin ulcers, etc.) may be a change in the nearby cells to become cancer.
How will the cancer cells proliferation?
(1) partial diffusion
(2) proliferation of lymphoid tissue, such as the nucleus of nasopharyngeal carcinoma spread to the neck, breast cancer spread to axillary lymph nuclear.
(3) by the transfer of blood to the liver, lung, bone, brain, etc.
(4) by the abdominal or thoracic metastasis to other organs, such as gastric and ovarian metastasis to the abdominal omentum.
How cancer is diagnosed?
(1) asked whether the medical records
(2) by the doctor for the body check.
(3) blood test, size it, etc.
(4) such as chest X-ray diagnostic radiation, barium meal, barium enema, angiogram Yang and so on.
(5) Endoscopic tests such as endoscopy, cystoscopy, rectum, colonoscopy, etc.
(6) out of some organizations to the affected area of tissue Zuohuo test.
The above test methods, the majority of cancer diagnosis is sufficient. Further testing methods such as X-ray computer tomography (CTSCANNING), ultrasonic testing (ULTR – SOUNDSTUDY), isotope scanning (Nucleus Medicine), Positron Emission Tomography (PET Scan), are also often applied to.
Cancer are genetic it?
The majority of cancer is genetic will not. However, some cancers such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, it is possible to have a family history. Once found, other family members should be vigilant.
Cancer, infectious disease will it?
Cancer, infectious disease is not the will.
what cancer treatment method?
(1) surgical resection
(2) Radioactive treatment
(3) drug treatment
These three methods of treatment of cancer, can be a single use, can also be combined use. For example, a number of breast cancer, can be removed with surgery, radiation therapy and then with, supplemented by drug therapy.
Other methods, such as cancer immunotherapy, is still in the research and test phase, not broad and effective application.
Cancer can prevent it?
Wrapped in everyday life, we may be exposed to many carcinogens. Good habits can reduce the body suffered carcinogen, is a viable (prevention) method. Such as not smoking, avoiding excessive alcohol, eat more natural food and fiber. In addition, we also pay attention to health, regular medical check-ups, such as the lung X-rays, female cervix (Pap smear cytology), women’s self-breast exams and so on. If it is found sick, see a doctor as soon as possible and must not suffer in silence, delay at the right time. Hepatitis carriers and obvious family of cancer patients, should also be checked regularly to make appropriate.
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