Patient Help

Patient: Voon Miaw Tan, Housewife, Age: 47
IC: 601005-13-5686, Address: Lot 3639, Jalan Kangking, Off Jalan Batu Kawa, Kuching.

On January 16, 2010 she had been diagnosed with colon cancer in Timberland Hospital, She decided to take surgery in Timberland immediately, removed about a foot long intestine, diagnosed with colon cancer at the second stage (T3, N0, M0). Total expenditure about RM18,000.00 in Timberland hospital including surgery and all the medical and hospitalization costs. As in Timberland hospital follow up treatment is more expensive, therefore transfer to the General hospital to do the follow up treatment. Simultaneously Chinese Medicine treatment was also taken in Peter Ting Chinese Physician Clinic.

Followed by General Hospital arrangement; every three months she had do the routine blood tests, including CEA test was made on GS HealthScreen Centre until this year April. In last year May and this year May, she had made two of colonoscopy bowel check in General Hospital, all the check result were normal. Chinese Medicine treatment was also taken in Peter Ting Chinese Physician Clinic every month. Till now, we have almost finish all the saving on the expenditure in chinese medicine treatment including all the natural Health Products.

  Malaysian Anti-Cancer Association held a press conference on 3.9.2011 at Kuching Grand Supreme Hotel, to help Mdm Weng Fund Raising for her liver cancer’s treatment fee. Show from Left Physician Dr Ting, Dr Wong, YB Chan, Mr Teng, Mr. Chong & Mr Wee.

On 23.8.2011, with the financial help from friends and relative, she went to Beacon Hospital (The Best Cancer Specialist Centre in Malaysia) in Petaling Jaya for further checking and treatment. However, according to the specialist diagnoses in Beacon Hospital, the disease from colorectal cancer had metastasis to the liver and in jaundice condition. It is found that the cancer had (moved) to whole liver and enlarged to about 4 to 5 times. It is in a critical stage, patient’s condition can be deteriorated any time. Thus they had no confident to cure it anymore.

Now, with the suggestion of doctors, she only got last hope for further treatment on China Tumour Hospital. Hoping that with the help of Malaysian Anti-Cancer Association and the publics can give her and her family a little hope to her treatment and recovery plan in soonest time.

Malaysian Anti-Cancer Association successfully raising fund more than ten thousand ringgit to a cancer patient Mdm Voon family.