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Malaysian Anti-Cancer Association (MACA) will be Malaysia’s most famous cancer organizations, free of charge to cancer patients and their relatives to provide comprehensive information and professional support to improve the lives of cancer patients and their families so that they will not be lonely the face of cancer.
Malaysian Anti-Cancer Association is completely a non-profit organization, we are a charity body.
Our service purpose: “Care for life, integrated medicine work together, for anti-cancer” as the goal.

Malaysian Anti-Cancer Association in May 2011 approved by the Malaysian Registrar of Societies, by the founder Prof. Dr. C.C.Wong and several of anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine experts formed to cancer patients in Malaysia to provide quality support services to ensure patients do not to face cancer alone.

Initially, we only provide free cancer information and support, then gradually extended to different areas, comprehensive care to cancer patients and their families need.

We will set up a charitable foundation of cancer and cancer recovery club, and establish branches at all cities and towns across the country; Our services include: organizing public education activities to support cancer research, home care services, assisted therapy programs, psychological counseling, assistance in patients with medical expenses, so that patients and their families will live more better.

Did you know?

Malaysia found that 30 000 annual new cases of cancer, the most commonly diagnosed male cancer in Malaysia include colorectal cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, stomach, larynx and liver cancer; as compared to female patients with breast, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, uterine cancer, leukemia and lung cancer.

Malaysian Anti-Cancer Association all services are free. All the donations are entirely from enthusiastic public and supported by the government . If you want to donate us, please contact to us.

The Association welcome experts, enthusiastic consortium, dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers to join us.

Please contact: Dr. Jazz Tham Man Kit
Tel: 006016-9977337  Fax: 082-411544     Email: cancermalaysia@ymail.com
Please visit our website: cancermalaysia.org