Introduction To Chung Hua Institute of Chinese Medicine

Chung Hua Institute of Chinese Medicine is approved by the Ministry of Education Malaysia, it was established in 1998, enrollment in TCM Internal Medicine, acupuncture, Orthopedics, massage, herbal medicine and short-term classes, Chinese three-year vocational course, four-year / five-year undergraduate courses and postgraduate courses (Co-operate with the China TCM University), not limited to age, race and education, correspondence or face to face are all avaliable. Welcome to apply!
1. each year two semester, six months per semester, each class 2 or 3 hours, 1 to 3 classes (time arranged by the teacher).
2. per semester tuition RM RM3800, correspondence courses 30% discount, registration fee RM RM200 (all fees will not be returnable).
3. Face to face at least five students, correspondence courses without restriction.
4. Malaysian native students will 30% discount.
5. Welcome to apply for work-study or work-study eligible students.
6. Enrollment, regardless of race, education, age, gender, face to face shortage of students will automatically be converted to correspondence courses to continue studying.
7. overseas / foreign students enrollment at least 20 people may apply on the local course, those not fluent in Chinese may participate in classes taught in English.
8. foreign students offer accommodation.
9. test results and clinical eligibility certificate.
10. graduate students may recommend further studies to China or West Malaysia.
11. graduate students are eligible member of the associated Association or Society.
Chung Hua Medical Magazine / Malaysian traditional medicine Journalpublished in honor of the school which was only TCM magazine in Malaysia, specialise in collection writing of a number of Chinese medicine practitioners, traditional healers, herbalists, cancer reports, and all ethnic groups Traditional Medicine reports and reports of Malaysian herbal medicine and its development etc.
Chinese Medicine Degree Course (4/5 years)

First year: Diagnostics of Chinese Medicine (8) The Basic Theory of TCM (8) Tui-na, Massage (10)
Chinese Medicine (16) Clinical (20)
Second year: TCM Prescriptions (10) Practical Acupuncture (16) Internal Medical Science (12)
Physiology (8) Clinical (20)
Third year: Shan-Han-Lun(10) Variety of Acupuncture (12) TCM Pediatrics (8)
TCM Gynecology (8) Clinical (20)
Fourth year: TCM Surgery (8) Integrated Clinical Oncology (12) Golden Chamber (8)
TCM Febrile (8) Clinical (20)
Fifth year: Western Diagnostics (8) Western Internal Medicine (8) TCM Science Injury (10)
Clinical (40)

(A total of 19 subjects, 308 credits, courses are subject to change,

with cooperate with China TCM University )

English / BM Language Course Acupuncture or Chinese Medicine CertificateAcupuncturist Course (3 years)

First year: Basic TCM (8) TCM Diagnosis (8) TCM Medicine(16)
Physiology (8) Clinical (20)
Second year: Prescriptions (10) Practical Acupuncture (16) Internal medical Science (12)
Meridian Clinical (20)
Third year: Acupuncture Therapy (12) Acupoints (8) Acupuncture Varietes (12)
Clinical (40)

(11 Subjects, 198 credits)

Chung Hua Institute of Chinese MedicineAdmission Information (face to face or correspondence)

1. Massage teacher training (2 months) RM1200 Course: Chinese Massage(8), Clinical(8)
2. Herbalist course (2 months) RM800 Course: Malaysian herbal medicine(4), Clinical(4)
3. Chinese courses tumor (6 months) RM3800 Course: Medicine Clinical Oncology(16), Clinical(8)
4. Chinese health knowledge course on (6 months) RM380
5. TCM pharmacists course (1 year) RM5800
6. Acupuncturists training (1 year) RM5800
7. Chinese physician training (1 year 5 subjects) RM5800 Course: Diagnostics of Chinese Medicine(8), Basic Theory of TCM(8), TCM Medicine(8), TCM Prescription(8), Internal Medical Science(8), Clinical(16)
8. Acupuncturists course (3 years 11 subjects) per semester RM2400
9. TCM practitioners course (3 years 12 subjects) per semester RM2400
10. Chinese undergraduate courses (4/5 year, 19 subjects) per semester RM2400
11. Elective courses:

History of TCM 8 (RM800) I-jing 8 (RM1200) Diet Nutrition 8 (RM1200)
TCM Cosmetology 8 (RM1200) Ear, Nose, Throat 8 (RM1200) Empire of Medicine 8 (RM1200)
Meridian 8 (RM1200) Health Rehabilitation Science 8 (RM1200) OrthopedicsStudies 8 (RM1200)
Gynecology 8 (RM1200) TCM Dermatology 8 (RM1200) Pediatrics 8 (RM1200)
Chinese Psychology 8 (RM1200) Scraping Cupping 4 (RM1200) Foot Massage 8 (RM1200)
Clinical 20 (RM2000)
Chinese characteristics, therapy (such as the scalp surface needle, nine needle, hand clinic, eye clinic) discussion
Student Teaching Clinical Center:

Chung Hua TCM Medical Center Chung Hua Tumour Center
Chung Hua herbal garden Sentosa TCM Specialist Centre
Guangzhou University of TCM , First Affiliated Hospital Jinan University, First Affiliated Overseas Chinese Hospital
Guangzhou Nanyang Tumour Hospital Guangzhou Friendship Tumour Hospital


Supporting Association:
Chung Hua TCM Study & Research Society of MalaysiaChung Hua TCM Study & Research Society of Malaysia is approved by the Malaysian Government in 2008 National wide Chinese medical association, which main objective in the research and development in China Medicine, it is entirely an academic of the group, will be in medical education,Development of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine research and publication in medical books And contribute to host international conferences.The Acupuncture & Moxibustion Society of SarawakThis society was approved in 2001, established by the State several well-known practitioners and acupuncturists, initiated aimed to unite all Acupuncturists in the states and enhance the level of medical acupuncturists.Sarawak Professional Tibib Tiong Hua Association

This Association was established in 2007, its mainly aimed unity in the state Physicians and medical practitioners to enhance the level of effort.

Sarawak Traditional Medicine and Herbal Association

This association was approved by the Government in 2007,It aims to set up research and development traditional medicine and local herbs of all races within the state, including Chinese, Malay,Indians, Ibans, Bidayuh, and other minorities , togather to study plantation And developmentof local herbs.

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