Kuala Lumpur Cerebral Palsy Association

Our goals

Given cerebral palsy rehabilitation important in patients, parents, related professionals, social enthusiasts, after several consultations decided to form a ” Kuala Lumpur Cerebral Palsy Association”. Aim to serve populations with cerebral palsy and their families who need assistance to organize a series of social care activities, care for mental health rehabilitation also take into account the construction of balanced development.

Founder Prof Dr. CC Wong, Phd of Guangzhou TCM University, China famous Jins three needles acupuncture specialist. Prof Wong learned from Prof Jin Rui, Prof Zhuang Li-Xing and Prof Chai Tie-Qu more than three years in Jins three needles treatment in cebrebral palsy and autism at Guangzhou, China.

Jin three needle therapy is determined by the chief of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Professor Jin Rui founded by the Chinese Ministry of Health, State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine designated national continuing education program, known as the “Southern acupuncture new treatment”.

“Jins three needle” Professor Jin Rui is based on 40 years of clinical experience, the choice of acupuncture treatment of various diseases over the years, the three most commonly used acupuncture points statistics, and through a large number of clinical and experimental studies summarized affirmed the efficacy of these points after being gradually formed. Jin three needle therapy since its inception, to cure many incurable diseases, especially in the prevention and treatment of stroke, mentally retarded children, cerebral palsy, autism, Alzheimer’s disease and other refractory encephalopathy has made brilliant achievements.

Kuala Lumpur Cerebral Palsy Association is designed for people suffering from cerebral palsy to provide services as non-profit charitable organization, service 0-6 years old children, in addition to regularly “Jin three needle therapy” acupuncture treatment and give self-care, education, awareness and training organizations to get along, but also for children entering pre-school and primary education, enlightenment and prepare.

Kuala Lumpur Cerebral Palsy Association since its inception committed to combining cerebral palsy and enthusiastic staff in the power of rehabilitation, cerebral palsy work in research and development and promotion as the goal, for their assistance with cerebral palsy who seek medical treatment, education, employment, they raise other issues, hoping to provide those families with cerebral palsy, parents essentially psychological support and assistance, and to promote cerebral palsy and family interests.

Kuala Lumpur Cerebral Palsy Association hopes to get the government, community leaders and individuals donations and support.

Please visit our website: www.cancermalaysia.org, for more information please contact Prof Dr CC Wong, the founder and chairman of Kuala Lumpur Cerebral Palsy Association, Handphone:012-8800790, 016-8981368, our address is 25A, Jalan 4/6, Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.