Founder: Prof. Dr. C. C. Wong PhD. M.D.

Guangzhou TCM University PhD.M.D.
Malaysia Chung Hua Institute of Chinese Medicine President
Malaysian Anti-Cancer Association President
The Chung Hua TCM Study & Research Society of Malaysia President
The Acupuncture & Moxibustion Society of Sarawak Chairman
Persatuan Tabib Tionghua Profesional Sarawak Chairman
Persatuan Perubatan Tradisi dan Herba Sarawak Chairman
Persatuan Perubation Tradisional dan Komplimentari Sarawak Chairman
Kuala Lumpur Cerebral Palsy Association – Chairman
Prof. Dr. C.C.Wong is the first person in East Malaysia to obtain an acupuncture and oncology clinical doctorate degree from China’s Guangzhou TCM University. The same time also the first person to obtain a number of China TCM University awarded honorary professor and visiting professor. He enthusiastic about Chinese Medicine, he welcome people to join the ranks of traditional Chinese medicine to learn traditional Chinese medicine, he also called on all the Chinese Physicians in Malaysia must united togather, All efforts to carry forward traditional Chinese medicine development in Malaysia, for the benefit of the people and leading progress to the International as well.Prof. Dr. C.C.Wong has edited six medical books, including:
1 TCM Diet and Nutrition (Chinese version)
2 The Chinese Medical Prescriptions of Common Malignant Tumour (Chinese version)
3 TCM Cancer Diet Knowledge (Chinese & English)
4 Introduction of Modern Chinese and Western Medicine Treatment of Cancer (Chinese & English)
5 Practical Acupuncture (Chinese & English)
6 Introduction of Malaysian Herbs (Chinese, English, Bahasa Malaysia)
(The sale of all six books donated to the Malaysian Anti-Cancer Association as charity fund)

Dr. Wong also has written more than twenty medical papers published at local and abroad. Dr. Wong was specialised in Chinese Medical treatment of cancer or tumors. Dr. Wong also invented anti-cancer herbal tea and cancer star series, the clinical results significantly. Dr. Wong tumor knowledge learned from Beijing Guang An Men Hospital’s Prof She Guiqing and Prof Pui Binkui, and Prof Zhou Daihang, Prof Chen RuiSeng, Prof Li Yonghao,Prof Lin Li Chu of Guangzhou TCM University.
Dr. Wong also proficient in acupuncture, he has been to the Shanghai TCM University and Nanjing TCM University which World Health Organization (WHO)-organized International Acupuncture training course has passed the examination. Dr. Wong acupuncture studied with Beijing TCM University Professor Tian Conggu, Professor Zhao Canghuan of Jinan University, Guangzhou TCM University Professor Rui Jin ,Prof Li Xing Zhuang,Prof Li Wanyao, Prof Chai Tiequ and Professor Chen Xinghua.

Dr. Wong has studied at the National Taiwan University, Kirk University of Ireland, the Capital of the School of Medicine, College of Ren Ai, Jiangxi Medical College, Fujian Medical College, Zhejiang Medical College, Xiamen University, Guangzhou TCM University, Beijing Institute of Acupuncture Orthopedics, Beijing Luo Youming Beijing Guangming Chinese Medicine University, received undergraduate diploma, diploma, bachelor and master’s degree.
Dr. Wong has also practiced in Beijing Asian Games Village Hospital, Beijing Wang Jing Hospital, Beijing Guang An Men Hospital, Beijing Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital, Beijing Eastern Hospital, Beijing Great Wall Hospital, Xiamen Hospital, Fujian State Medical Center, Provincial Hospital of Nanchang, Nanjing Provincial Hospital and Provincial Hospital of Hangzhou, obtained clinical certificate more than thirty sheets, He was full rich in clinical, unique prescription, he loves the study of traditional Chinese medicine can be described as the first man in Malaysia.

Dr. Wong also the founder of the Malaysian Chung Hua Institute of Chinese Medicine, which is approved by the Ministry of Education Malaysia, the only pure Chinese medicine institutions in Malaysia which was established in 1998 The school hosted a variety of short courses, where specialist courses, undergraduate courses, degree courses and postgraduate courses are cooperate with China TCM University , Correspondence is avaliable. regardless of age, education, race, all are welcome.
Practising in the Clinical Center of Chinese Medicine, namely Guangzhou Nanyang Tumor Hospital, Friendship Tumour Hospital, Guangzhou TCM University First Affiliated Hospital, Oversea Chinese Hospital, Chinese Oncology Center, Sentosa Chinese medicine, and the Chinese herbal medicine garden, which is distributed in the East Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Kuching, Miri and Kota Kinabalu, and Guangzhou, Taipei, Jakarta, Indonesia, to facilitate student learning and clinical.
The school also published in Chinese Medicine Magazine and Malaysia Traditional Medicine Journal, content aggregation number of TCM practitioners, acupuncturists, herbalists, traditional medicine, natural medicine and Chinese medicine academic writing, rich in content, and reports the latest information of cancer therapies as well as the local herbs.
The school also managed the only local herbal garden — Samarahan herbal garden and Chung Hua herbal garden are all the herbal research center of the school, an area of six acres, which planted more than 400 kinds of local herbs, and students are welcome to visit and learn more information, please contact Dr. Jazz Tham Man Kit ( phone:+6016-9977337)