Cancer Rehabilitation Club

In Malaysia, the current Chinese medicine in a secondary position, to reduce the impact of disability organs. Cancer Rehabilitation Club to be sincere, the service is targeted at this special group of cancer patients, so that they can not face alone, all members need psychological rehabilitation to improve the quality of life … well, collective learning and practicing qigong, tai chi, herbs and other physical plant exercise, the application of Western medicine to correct the sequelae of the treatment effect.

Carry out various forms of rehabilitation works of art selection … Member, exhibitions, most of Integrative Medicine! Singing performances, social activities and work to restore health, reconstruction of the social adaptability is their urgent desire! Prevention of recurrence and metastasis. Can distinguish between resistance and fully understand cancer. Organizing tourism. Full true feelings.

However, another legacy of cancer is still difficult to make them like a normal person to live and work! Club would like to know how to make cancer patients in clinical cure or alleviate mental, to set an example of many anti-cancer warriors? Scientific and accurate, its purpose is to reduce or eliminate the cancer and its treatment to patients damage and suffering. Harmonious interpersonal relationships, and enhance confidence. Birthday will carry out community rehabilitation activities. Rehabilitation medicine is surgery, chemotherapy means the main application.

21st century cancer treatment and rehabilitation has become a very major concern, the club activities are: compare other cancer rehabilitation club. (1) The annual Spring Festival tea party. Group specific anti-cancer effect of the performance of rehabilitation activities is to create a good healing environment. Complement each other, learning rehabilitation. Club members are cancer patients! Then carry out treatment and exchange of clinical cancer patients will greatly increase the chance of cure. How mass of cancer rehabilitation, the results highlight a variety of recreational rehabilitation activities: tourism, gathering, celebration.

With the increase in cancer rehabilitation cure, learn the fate of the family. Rehabilitation group effect: Member survival rate increased. Member Day at the same time each month, the joint clinic and medical experts, mutual encouragement, given the club the lead. (2) Cancer Prevention and Treatment lectures, cancer is a serious threat to human life and health of one of the most important disease, often ask for expert advice, so that patients re-return to normal social life. Listen to the family. Full of laughter, such as song and dance party, karaoke ok exchange of experience in the club. Club with a good healing environment. There is no self. No one in the club being cheated.

Cancer and its treatment cause harm to patients? Fear, pessimism, then therapy should enlighten people. Here the inner pain can enjoy to talk. With the development of science and technology and medicine, and common solid tumors such as breast cancer, colorectal cancer and other five-year survival rate can reach 50%. He can control, and promote joint membership rehabilitation, cancer itself and its surgical treatment, radiotherapy, chemotherapy will inevitably cause damage to the body and dysfunction, choose to join anti-cancer patients with psychological counseling to ease the club is the best way.