Cancer Charity Foundation

Cancer continues to the Malaysian major medical problems. If we can detect cancer early and aggressive treatment of it, cancer is actually no different from common diseases, it can completely cure. The shoulder this heavy responsibility, in addition to trained medical staff, community support is also extremely important part.
Because the public’s strong support and encouragement, it is the medical staff and patients to maintain a common driving force behind the fight against cancer! In order to provide Chinese and Western medical personnel, including the latest information and training, and providing adequate public education and patient knowledge, enabling them to accept the
right of early cancer treatment, we feel that setting up a foundation to be promoted, were necessary and importance.
It can make the health of our people to achieve the ideal, not only in medical technology level, even in the patients and their families quality of life level, can be a considerable degree of improvement and makes the cancer patients can enjoy a better medical environment.
In the Association’s founder Prof. Dr. C.C. Wong guidance and the community’s strong support, the Foundation was formally established, although over the years, cancer has been the number top killer of our people, but the domestic work is still in the ascendant cancer prevention stage. The Foundation was established to have been acutely aware: Only by joint efforts of official and private, in order to reduce the health threats of cancer and prevent cancer may cause harm.

Our goal:
First, to reduce the incidence of cancer and cancer care to provide the most convenient and consulting services. The incidence of many cancers, often associated with eating and living habits, and therefore wishes to promote the family unit, to improve the eating habits from the start, to reduce the incidence of cancer. In addition, cancer patients and their families the resources needed, in addition to health care, including social resources and psychological support systems. Therefore, we actively assist the Ministry of Health plans to make public in the shortest possible time-period, the most convenient side arms, all stages of the disease to adapt to meet the different needs, to ease the impact of cancer.
Second, the integration of social resources, so that anti-cancer operations can be sustainable. However, cancer prevention is a long-term, we must invest a lot of manpower and material resources, such as rely on the efforts of a few units, not only limited success, it will also be unsustainable. In view of the medical resources are limited, so we also actively integrating government and community groups that force, we will use the operation of marketing and public relations, coupled with media and e-commerce, far-reaching power of hope in cancer prevention open up new areas.
Third, set up an advisory hotline and e-mail, health care professionals in response to inquiries from the general public, families of cancer patients cum on cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, etc. of the problem. Education advocacy, counseling, medical information inquiries, providing health care throughout the community and consulting services.
Fourth, the twenty-first century is a century of information, but also a century of electronic marketing. Therefore, in our website, monthly cancer knowledge, reference for health care workers and public inquiries. Cancer will also be issued a newsletter every month to the general public can get the latest cancer knowledge.
Fifth, the government and the community will welcome the generous Donation, join the festivities, boundless. The project will be set up of fundraising, internal fundraising, the Foundation’s investment program.

Our slogan: "We care for life, work together for Anti-Cancer"