2014-2015 The 2nd “Malaysia Cancer Fighter” Selection Activities

Malaysian Anti-Cancer Association (MACA)
2014-2015 The 2nd “Malaysia Cancer Fighter” Selection Activities
We have the following characteristics for selection of anti-cancer crusader

Facing of cancer Do not worry and despondent
Facing of life Warm and adhere to
Facing of cancer patients Inspire and encouragement
Facing of self Confidence and affirmative

Welcome to recommend by third person or self-registration recommended

Have the opportunity to receive incentive RM 1000 each

Please contact : 016-9977337 Dr. Jazz Tham Man Kit
Malaysian Anti-Cancer Association
website: www.cancermalaysia.org
Anti-cancer crusader recommended for selection:
Join regulations:
(1) may recommend self-registration or registration (as above are accompanied by information on the recommended person)
(2) Registration information:
1 person recommended with the application form, and the reasons for person to be recommended a sentence or a paragraph (300 words or more, or write 600 word manuscript)
[Recommended] for selection of personal data entry form, mood stories (1500 words), pathological evidence of life according to (at least four), and volunteer service programs and other information.
Presentee qualifications:
(1) the treatment or the rehabilitation of cancer patients
(2) any type of cancer can be, but need information on the pathological evidence.
Submission: Please get ready before 30th of November and the referees who recommended information to the “Malaysian Anti-Cancer Crusader selection committee” application (backup your own manuscript, submission manuscripts and photographs will not be returned), sent as follows:
(1) by registered mail: No.3 & 4, Abell Road, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
(2) E-mail:cancermalaysia@ymail.com (Please call to confirm receipt)
Selection Methods:
(1) First stage: the integrity of the information to the main submission.
(2) The second stage: the recommended person to survive the positive degree, the concept of accuracy, helping mobility, inspiring stories and references such as the scoring criteria.
(3) Third stage: someone visits, selected by the judging panel reviewed 5 anti-cancer crusader.
Selected the Rights and Obligations:
(1) election of the anti-cancer crusader each RM1000 available anticancer incentives, a total of five.
(2) publicity attending the press conference, and cancer fighter ceremony.
(3) All documents authorized in this submission will use, reproduce, and special reports as anti-cancer propaganda content.
(4) to allow time in the coming year with the Foundation’s public participation in anti-cancer activity.
(5) shall not misuse the name of anti-cancer crusader personal interest activities, such as causing substantial damage to the reputation or the Association, this will be cause to cancel the title of anti-cancer crusader and anti-cancer recovery incentives, and legal liability.
All we know “Cancer” has been re-elected the people leading cause of death, and there is increasing trend, but with advances in medical technology, cancer treatment has been greatly improved, and as long as regular screening, early detection of treatment can improve survival in patients . To avoiding fear mentality, and to encourage all cancer patients to stand up to cancer, active treatment. This is the second time Malaysian Anti-Cancer Association has its proud, this year will hold “2013-2014 selection of anti-cancer crusader” campaign, to find optimism and positive anti-cancer people, to share cancer history and cancer treatments, to let friends inspire more brave cancer,and to fight cancer.We sought Malaysia’s anti-cancer fighter, if there are qualified candidates side, you must be generous recommended him (her) or self-registration, along with the anti-cancer crusader site, come on! Admission Form click here!